Encuentro Una Mirada is organised by me, Dawn, with the help behind the scenes of Helen, Maika and Marta who will also be there through the weekend. There will also be a team of helpers you will meet on the weekend itself who will help me set up our beautiful venue, greet you and pack it all up again afterwards.

Across the team, there are members who speak Spanish, Italian and French (unfortunately, all down to the others as I just speak English)


Dawn Porter

Dawn comes from a dancing family and her first experience of tango was the ballroom variety!

After moving away to University in Bristol her life took another direction, and after her studies ended she become a business analyst and PA for a major high street fast food chain. She now runs her own business offering financial accounts support to fast food franchisees.

Dawn found tango in 2009 and immediately loved the music and the embrace. Travelling to encuentros across Europe since 2010, she wants to bring this wonderful experience to more people in the UK.  She brought the first edition of Una Mirada to St George’s in Bristol in September 2014 along with Eleanor Durrant and the second in 2015 with Nick and Krissy King and Paul McDermott. The new team for 2016 are all based in Bristol, with other friends from the wider tango community also offering help and support to create this wonderful event.

Dawn leads and follows, and loves to dance both roles.


Helen is working on communications and registration administration. She regularly travels to Buenos Aires to dance and speaks Spanish.


Maika is assisting with set up and preparations and looking after our DJs. She Speaks Spanish & French, and has worked on translations for us.


Marta is dealing with the website and graphics . She speaks Italian and has done our translations.