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To create the distinctive qualities of Una Mirada we look for an inspiring mix of local, national and international dancers, couples and single dancers, leaders, followers and those dancing both roles, frequent faces at previous encuentros and newcomers, but all of them committed to the spirit of our event.

We are open to a limited number of participants and it is dancing-role (leader/follower) balanced. We will have a small number of the places we have available reserved for dancers who are known, or recommended to us as accomplished in dancing both roles, and intend to participate dancing both roles equally.

To achieve this balance, registration via this website is mandatory and “first come, first served” is not the only criteria we will use to confirm the participants.

Everyone needs to complete the registration form. If registering as a couple, there will be a space to put your partner’s name.

Please remember, clicking ‘Going’ on Facebook is not a registration.

Solo followers will have a better chance of participating if they register with a leader. As always, we trust dancers to register with partners they think will enjoy the event and who are genuinely interested in attending.

Everyone is welcome to register without a partner, but please be aware you may be placed on a waiting list. We’d like to ask leaders not to wait until the last minute to register, as the waiting list of followers is likely to be long and people need to plan their accommodation and journey, particularly those coming from overseas.

The weekend pass costs £80 per person and includes all milongas, water, tea and coffee, fruit and snacks. Entry to the event is via advance pass only. No tickets will be available on the door.

We are aware that some of our tango friends won’t be able to get a place this year, due to the capacity of the venue and our desire to have a flowing ronda. If you cannot be offered a place this year, that is a loss to us as well and we hope you will try again in the future.

We will answer every booking and will do so as promptly as possible via email either giving you payment details or letting you know that you have been placed on the waiting list. Please be patient as it will take some time to process registrations.

Please make sure to read our Cancellation Policy

Questions? Send us an e-mail