Crossing London can be scary if you are not used to it. In these pictures I show you how to get from the Eurostar exit to your Bristol train.

1 Eurostar

When you get off the Eurostar, you’ll first go downstairs.

2 Route to Tube

When you come out, turn left and go through the arch for the Underground (“The Tube”).

3 Route to HnC Line

You want a “Hammersmith & City” or “Circle” Line train going West (Westbound).

You can buy a ticket for the Underground here – but, from 12th September, you can use a contactless bank card to go through the Underground gates. So you don’t even need a ticket.

4 Tube Map

Don’t worry if you noticed there are two Paddingtons. They are the same place. Just two ends of the same station. It doesn’t matter which one you go to. It is OK if you have to get off, and then on again, at Edgeware Road. Just keep going Westbound.

5 Platform 1

All trains “Via Paddington” are equally good.

6 Paddington

If you came in at the other end, just follow signs for the trains. You will go up some stairs and then down again.

You can collect your pre-booked ticket to Bristol from any of the machines on your left or on your right. Most of the machines speak 3 languages. Some of them speak 4 or 5 languages. You will need your booking reference and your bank card.

7 Bristol Temple Meads

Some of the ticket machines are behind these signs.

Bristol Temple Meads (“Bristol T Meads”) is the station near the venue. Don’t go to Bristol Parkway, it’s somewhere else.