1 Heathrow ExpressAt Heathrow, look for this sign. The ticket machines are on the right. I’ll show you how to buy a ticket.

2a Ticket Machine

You want a return ticket for the Heathrow Express. Heathrow Connect is a different train – cheaper but much slower, and from a different part of the airport.

2b Ticket Machine

If you booked your ticket from home and you’ve already paid for it – choose “Pre-Paid”. If not, just buy an Express Class Return.

2c Ticket Machine

Take the lift down to the platform.

3 Lift

There is a train every 15 minutes. It takes 15-20 minutes to get to Paddington.

4 Paddington

You can collect your ticket to Bristol from the machines in the station. Or you can get it sent to you, or sent to your smartphone.

7 Bristol Temple Meads

The station you are going to is Bristol Temple Meads (“Bristol T Meads”). It’s 15-20 minutes walk from the venue. Don’t go to Bristol Parkway – that is somewhere else.

We hope that helps!